Data Centers


Comcast Server Room, Albuquerque NM

Client: Air Management Services, Inc.

The first part of the project was to assess space conditioning requirements, environmental conditions, and electrical service capacity. The second part consisted of electrical upgrades and HVAC system design to handle the main signal processing center for their service throughout New Mexico. This include back-up power and redundant HVAC systems to ensure reliability.


New Mexico History Museum Server Room, Santa Fe NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe

As a team member for the new facility, M&E Engineering completed mechanical, electrical and fire protection of the IT room to serve the Department of Cultural Affairs museum system.


TIWA Building, Albuquerque NM

Client: Peak Power Engineering, Santa Fe

M&E Engineering was hired to assess the existing HVAC system based on the new equipment layout in the TIWA Building. Several pieces of equipment had been added to the space of the years and there were hot spots and overheating issues.


Comcast Server Room, Santa Fe NM

Client: John Barton Architects, Santa Fe

A renovation to the existing data center that included the addition of more data processing equipment. This required a new HVAC system that utilized temperature average throughout the space.