State Library Abatement, Santa Fe NM

Client: GSD Property Control Division, State of New Mexico

After completion of environmental assessment, project design and construction administration was performed for complete interior demolition and removal of asbestos-containing materials, lead paint materials, and light fixtures containing PCBs. Project also included removal of the exterior plaster. This project was completed as a stand-alone project in a pre-construction phase to a subsequent build-out.


NMHU Douglas Hall Abatement, Las Vegas NM

Client: New Mexico Highland University, Las Vegas

After initial project assessment, project design and construction administration were completed for interior demolition, asbestos abatement, removal of pigeon droppings, reconstruction of windows, repair of brick, and re-roofing of historical building. Completed as a stand-alone project in advance of a renovation and restoration project.


Lincoln Monument Environmental and HVAC Renovations, Lincoln NM

Client: Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico

M & E Engineering completed a project involving assessment and installation of HVAC systems in 3 historic buildings, Tunstall, Visitor’s Center and the Courthouse. Several environmental issues were encountered during the process. This includes abatement of lead paint, and bat guano.


SFPS AHERA Environmental Assessments, Santa Fe NM

Client: Santa Fe Public Schools

On-going 6 month surveillance and 3 year inspections to maintain asbestos containing materials per EPA guidelines, including twice annual document of maintenance. When required by material condition or anticipated material disturbance due to renovation, M&E Engineering designs abatement project, conducts construction administration, orders air clearances and maintains documents.


Willie Ortiz Building Radon Assessment and Mitigation System Design, Santa Fe

Client: GSD Property Control Division, State of New Mexico

Assessment and design of sub-slab depressurization system for radon removal in the underground storage area. System included a fan driven ventilation system connected to carefully placed ventilation pipes throughout the building slab area.