Costilla Lodge, Vermejo Park NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe

2010 LEED Silver Certified Lodge

Mechanical and electrical design was provided for a remote lodge located in on the edge of the Villa Vidal wilderness. This project combined sustainable, off grid, design and traditional architecture to create comfortable and efficient spaces for a year-round facility.


La Posada de Santa Fe, Santa Fe NM

Client: Lloyd & Tryk Architects, Santa Fe

Mechanical, plumbing and fire protection design for extensive renovation and additions to a downtown facility including HVAC replacement in existing hotel rooms, new construction of eight buildings; a Multipurpose Building (administrative offices, meeting room, ballroom, warming kitchen, commercial laundry and basement/grade valet parking); Spa Building (spa and exercise facility with five guest rooms on upper level), and six buildings of guest units.


La Fonda Restaurant Remodel

Client: Felix Architecture

Mechanical, electrical, and fire protection design to remodel a restaurant in a historic, downtown Santa Fe, hotel. The space was originally the patio for the hotel in the 1920's and has since undergone several remodels. This project was aimed at maintaining that historic feel with artisanal and natural lighting throughout, while modernizing the infrastructure.


Hotel Santa Fe Spa, Santa Fe NM

Client: Lorn Tryk Architects, Santa Fe

Renovation of an existing area in the hotel to create a spa space for sales, massage and related spa facilities. Full mechanical and electrical services were provided to extend and add HVAC, plumbing and power requirements.