Judicial and Correctional


New Mexico Supreme Court Fire Suppression Installation, Santa Fe NM

Client: New Mexico Supreme Court

One of several renovation projects completed for this downtown Santa Fe historic facility. To adequately protect the building and its contents at a reasonable installation cost, M&E determined three types of sprinkler systems were required: a wet pipe system for most of the building; a gas type for areas where water would irreparably damage the contents of the space, the server room and book reserve area; and a pre-action dry type system designed to be used in areas where accidental release would cause extensive damage for the library and library storage areas. The installation was difficult due to minimal available space for pipe routing and the need to preserve surface finishes.



Lea County Courthouse HVAC Renovation, Lovington NM

Client: Lea County, Lovington

A Mechanical renovation project in a historic building required replacement of distribution for two-pipe HVAC system including all piping and terminal units, restoration of finishes and related asbestos abatement.



Federal Courthouse Restroom Remodel

Client: Facility Build

Design and permit documents were prepared for a contractor to complete the mechanical, plumbing and electrical components of a renovation of the restroom and locker room. This remodel included utilizing existing mechanical system, but required all new plumbing and electrical extensions to meet the space function.


Southern and Central NM Correctional Facility HVAC Replacements, Las Cruces & Los Lunas

Client: GSD/Property Control Division

In 2008 M & E Engineering was awarded a systems upgrade project to be completed in phases. An evaluation was completed of the mechanical and electrical systems for buildings on each campus. Since the housing unit heating and plumbing systems had deteriorated, the construction project focused on these 10 buildings, 5 at each facility. System replacement was determined through careful analysis of energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, occupant comfort and future mechanical plant de-centralization.

Related issues were solved and included in the project; replacement of the domestic water piping, local generation of domestic hot water, system controls, and electrical upgrades. The re-roofing has been added to the M&E scope at Central.


YDDC Administration Building Renovation, Albuquerque NM

Client: DWL Architects, Albuquerque

An ADA focused renovation with HVAC systems, controls and plumbing updates to the administration building at the youth facility.


Western NM Correctional Facility HVAC Upgrades

Client: GSD/Property Control Division

Programming and schematic design to replace HVAC systems throughout the facility. Aging equipment and system deterioration due to extremely hard water have necessitated consideration of complete replacement of new system types. Plumbing systems also must be replaced. Such extensive renovations will provide opportunities for energy reduction, water use restrictions, and improved occupant comfort.