Performing Arts


Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe NM

Client: Matiz Architecture and Design (MAD)

Phase 1: Remodeled support areas, mezzanine work, lighting for areas of renovation, HVAC and plumbing designs.

Phase 2: Rehearsal hall, back of house building and Administration Building.


Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM

Client: Autotroph

M&E designed mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems at Meow Wolf.  Electrical work included lighting layout including track lighting, general work lighting, emergency lighting, and lighting control. Provided design for special power layout for workshop equipment. Provided heat detectors in studios.

SFO Theater Renovation

Client: Polshek Partnership, New York

A complete renovation/re-build of the theater roof & lighting catwalk system and theater house facilities and addition of entrance buildings for Opera Shop, restrooms, and Ticket offices. House lighting, theater lighting, light control systems, fire alarm and emergency power generation were rebuilt. Control booth HVAC system and fire protection systems were installed. A water harvest system was designed to capture water from the main roof for irrigation uses.


SFO Stieren Hall

Client: Polshek Partnership, New York

A new rehearsal facility added to the SFO complex. The rehearsal hall mimics the theater stage for full rehearsal capability and is also designed to be used for intimate performances, lectures, and parties. Adjacent spaces include practice rooms, costume storage and support activities. Complex design issues related to minimizing noise from equipment, environmental controls for the costume storage, and fire suppression under various conditions.



SFO Rehearsal Hall, Vocal & Coaching Studios

Client: H3

An outdoor rehearsal stage to match the theater space and individual and small group stand alone practice studios were constructed for summer use.


Greer Garson Theater Retrofit Projects, Santa Fe NM

Client: College of Santa Fe

Identification and design of energy conservation modifications and controls for HVAC and lighting.


KiMo Theater Renovation, Albuquerque NM

Client: Kells & Craig Architects

A renovation of a historic theater included extensive upgrades to power and lighting controls, fire alarm modifications, and new theatrical lighting controls.


Center Stage Renovation, Baltimore, MD

Client: Craig Hoopes & Associates, Santa Fe

Renovation of theater lobby and administrative offices included modifications and upgrades to existing HVAC, plumbing, lighting power and fire alarm systems.